Collection: 高甄斈

獨立藝術工作者。國立臺灣師範大學美術學系博士、2017年金門縣駐縣藝術家。任職世界彩墨藝術總會財務秘書、台灣藝術史研究學會行政秘書、長榮大學助理教授。獲磺溪獎、彩墨新人賞新人獎等,國內外個展11次、聯展多次。並參與漾藝術博覽會、2022WHATZ喜來登大飯店藝術博覽會、ART TAIPEI 2018台北國際藝術博覽會等展出。

Kao, Jen-Shyue, a remarkable independent artist, specializes in the intricate realms of Eastern painting and calligraphy. Her artistic pursuits find their focal point in the beauty of landscapes, the grace of flowers and birds, and at times, the incorporation of semi-representational elements. Skillfully weaving metaphorical techniques, she lends life to her art by eloquently capturing the essence of the spaces she inhabits.

Her academic journey culminated in the attainment of a Ph.D. degree from the esteemed Department of Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University, a testament to her dedication to both her craft and intellectual growth. In 2017, she assumed the prestigious role of county artist-in-residence for Kinmen County, further enriching her creative insights through immersive experiences.

Kao, Jen-Shyue assumes key roles in the art world, serving as the Financial Secretary of the distinguished World Color Ink Art Association and as the Secretary of the Taiwan Art History Research Association. Concurrently, she imparts her knowledge and passion as an Assistant Professor at Chang Jung Christian University, fostering the development of emerging talents under her mentorship.

Her artistic prowess has garnered her prestigious awards, including the notable "Huangxi Award" and the esteemed "Newcomer Award," bestowed by the Color Ink Art Association. With an impressive portfolio encompassing 11 captivating solo exhibitions and a notable presence in various group showcases, her creative journey continues to captivate and inspire.

Moreover, Kao, Jen-Shyue's artistic influence extends to prominent art events such as the "Yang Art Fair," the dynamic "WHATZ Art Fair," and the globally renowned "ART TAIPEI Taipei International Art Fair." Through her participation, she not only elevates her personal artistic expression but also enriches the broader artistic dialogue with her distinct perspective and thought-provoking creations.