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Sophie Leong

Perfume-color ink, color pencil, 香水, 29.7x21cm, 彩色墨水、帶針筆、 色鉛筆、水彩紙

Perfume-color ink, color pencil, 香水, 29.7x21cm, 彩色墨水、帶針筆、 色鉛筆、水彩紙

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The inspiration comes from a German film PERFUME, a story about an olfactory orphan genius and his homicidal quest for the perfect scent. The leading actor discovered that the perfect perfume came from human body. So, to search for the perfect scent, he cruelly murdered target woman. The painting tries to present in a strange way a complicated combination of soul and imagination world of the leading actor, demonstrating the conflicts between desire and humanity, evil and goodness. Due to the control of the leading actor’s desire, the secret garden outside the window was filled with flowers of evil, which turned into raw materials for perfume. The holy and pure woman, wafted into the house in elegant way, grubbed her heart and soul out and poured into a perfume bottle. At that time, the leading actor made her scent into the unique perfume.

靈感來自德國電影《香水》,講述了一個嗅覺的孤兒天才及其對少女完美氣味的殺人追求。  這幅畫試圖以主角的視覺方式呈現出主角的靈魂與想像世界的複雜結合,展示了慾望與人類,邪惡與善良之間的衝突。 由於控制了主角的慾望,窗外的秘密花園裡充滿了邪惡的花朵,這些花朵變成了香水的原料。 這位神聖而又純潔的女人,以優雅的方式走進了屋子,抽出她的心靈,倒入香水瓶中。 當時,男主角將她的氣味融入了獨特的香水中。查詢或購買請電郵

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