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Sophie Leong

Black swan, color ink, color pencil, 黑天鵝, 29.7x21cm, 墨水、帶針筆、 色鉛筆、水彩紙

Black swan, color ink, color pencil, 黑天鵝, 29.7x21cm, 墨水、帶針筆、 色鉛筆、水彩紙

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Idea comes from the film BLACK SWAN. The ballet dancer Nina wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan. She was distracted and was not able to recognize which was real and which was imaginary, and she turned to be of darkness and erotic passion, fully presenting the traits of black swan. She successfully presented a stunning performance and was found dead, in the thunderous applause. The painting tried to expose the spiritual world of Nina, with a swan lake background. Nina broke into 2 parts, one half black swan and the other half white swan. Black swan held tightly the hand of the prince, and blocked the prince sight using the other hand, preventing the prince from seeing the white swan. White swan followed the black swan and wanted to grasp the prince’s love. With elegant steps, they were fighting for the prince love.

創意來自電影《黑天鵝》。 芭蕾舞演員妮娜(Nina)贏得了《天鵝湖》的票房冠軍,非常適合精緻的白天鵝角色,但隨著她越來越像黑天鵝一樣,她逐漸失去了理智。 她無法辨認出哪個是真實的,哪個是虛構的,她轉而充滿了黑暗和色情的激情,充分展現了黑天鵝的特質。在雷鳴般的掌聲中,她成功地表現出了驚人的表演,並被發現死亡。 這幅畫試圖用天鵝湖的背景來揭露妮娜的精神世界。妮娜娜分為兩部分,一半是黑天鵝,另一半是白天鵝。黑天鵝緊緊握住王子的手,用另一隻手擋住了王子的視線,阻止王子看見白天鵝。白天鵝跟著黑天鵝,想抓住王子的愛,他們以優雅的腳步為王子的愛而戰。查詢或購買請電郵

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