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Sophie Leong

Sakya 3, Ink, 29.7x21cm,釋迦 3, 墨水、帶針筆、水彩紙

Sakya 3, Ink, 29.7x21cm,釋迦 3, 墨水、帶針筆、水彩紙

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The theme is called Sakya and it is originated from Buddhism ancestor Sakyamuni. Sakya means care people of the kindness, represents that everyone can be show kindness. Although Sakya is a race name, it’s philosophy should be kept in mind not only in a god’s heart, but everybody’s heart. Buddhism believes everybody is equal, no matter sexuality, rich and poor, everybody can be Sakya. The painting is black and white, it brings everything in the world back to the black and white world and the Buddhist philosophy reminds people that there are some tragedies still happen in the everyday life for example war, hungry, gap between rich and poor. The reason why those tragedies happen because of human’s tenacity and endless desire. Therefore, we should make use of our light in the dark. Through the painting, a new symbolism painting is adopted to present a brand new Buddhist painting.

這個主題是Sakya,靈感源於佛教祖先釋迦牟尼。 薩迦(Sakya)意味著關懷善良的人,代表每個人都可表現出仁慈。儘管Sakya是一個種族名稱,但它的哲學不僅在佛的心中,而且在每個人的心中。佛教相信人人平等,無論性別、貧富,每個人都可以成為薩迦。 這幅畫是黑白的,它將世界上的一切帶回了黑白世界,佛教哲學提醒人們,日常生活中仍然發生著一些悲劇,例如戰爭、飢餓、貧富差距。因此,我們應該在黑暗中利用我們的光,通過繪畫,用現代創作手法展示了傳統的佛教藝術,繪畫中利用佛教中的蓮花、心經、佛教符號以及佛光等元素來呈現嶄新的佛教繪畫。查詢或購買請電郵

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